Read for Joy!

Claudia Quigg

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Designed for parents, this booklet provides parents with information about encouraging literacy in young children in the format of a children's book with illustrations from various works by noted children's illustrator Tomie dePaola. The booklet emphasizes the importance of reading to and with children, stressing that reading helps children learn about language, prepares them for entry into school, helps them overcome problems, and brings joy, amazement, and inspiration to their lives. Specific sections discuss: (1) what parents can do to teach their children to love books; (2) reading to infants; (3) reading to toddlers; (4) bedtime books; (5) starter and participation books for beginning readers; (6) reading to preschoolers; (7) holiday reading; (8) reading to early readers; (9) problem-solving through books; (10) sharing books with older children; (11) specific genres of reading materials; and (12) the importance of the library for children of all ages. Each section contains related illustrations, quotations, and recommended books. 

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Bibliographic Information:

Claudia Quigg. Read for Joy! (1993). Baby TALK: Decatur, IL. (40 pages).

Language: English

Reading Level: Easy

Formats Available: Printed Material

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(Orders of five or more copies qualify for reduced rate. This material was revised in 2000, the reviews are based on the 1993 edition )

1314 North Main
Decatur, IL

Phone: (217) 475-2234


Languages Available: English, Spanish

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Producer Information:

Intended User Audience:

Parents of young children. The material is meant to appeal to a variety of cultural groups. It includes illustrations and examples of children's books representative of many cultural groups. This material is also used for training purposes for ECE personnel and librarians.

Product Development:

The author is the Executive Director of Baby TALK. This material is an outgrowth of another publication, Babies and Books, but has been written for children through elementary grades. 

Product Evaluation:

This material is part of a curriculum that is used in training ECE personnel and librarians. It is also used in parenting classes, adult education/GED preparation, and family literacy efforts. As such, evaluation information is informal and based on the number of requests for training and orders for the materials. To date, training has been completed in a total of thirty states. A large number of Hispanic individuals have requested the material for use in the Chicago area.

Product Dissemination:

Approximately 60,000 copies have been disseminated throughout the United States. Requests for the material have also been received from Canada and Puerto Rico.


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