Cultural and Language Diversity and the Deaf Experience

Ila Parasnis

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This book considers in depth the notion that people with deafness are members of a bilingual-bicultural minority group in America, whose experiences often overlap with the experience of other minority group members but at other times are unique. Chapters include: (1) "On Interpreting the Deaf Experience within the Context of Cultural and Language Diversity" (Ila Parasnis); (2) "Living with Two Languages and Two Cultures" (Francois Grosjean); (3) "Perspectives from the History and the Politics of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in the United States" (Kenji Hakuta and Elizabeth Feldman Mostafapour); (4) "Cognitive and Language Development of Bilingual Children" (Josiane F. Hamers); (5) "From the Cultural to the Bicultural: The Modern Deaf Community" (Carol A. Padden); (6) "Early Bilingual Lives of Deaf Children" (Carol A. Padden); (7) "Communication Experiences of Deaf People: An Ethnographic Account" (Susan B. Foster); (8) "Marginality, Biculturalism, and Social Identity of Deaf People" (R. Greg Emerton); (9) "Attitudes of the Deaf Community Toward Political Activism" (Gerald C. Bateman); (10) "Cultural and Language Diversity in the Curriculum: Toward Reflective Practice" (Bonnie Meath-Lang); (11) "Minority Empowerment and the Education of Deaf People" (Joan B. Stone); (12) "Social Assimilation of Deaf High School Students: The Role of School Environment" (Thomas K. Holcomb); (13) "Growing Up Deaf in Deaf Families: Two Different Experiences" (Susan C. Searls and David R. Johnston); (14) "Another New Birth: Reflections of a Deaf Native Signer" (Patrick A. Graybill); (15) "Raising Deaf Children in Hearing Society: Struggles and Challenges for Deaf Native ASL Signers" (Gary E. Mowl); (16) "In Search of Self: Experiences of a Postlingually Deaf African-American" (Dianne K. Brooks); (17) "Living in a Bilingual-Bicultural Family" (Lynn Finton); and (18) "On Being Both Hearing and Deaf: My Bilingual-Bicultural Experience" (Patricia Mudgett-DeCaro). (Individual chapters contain references.) 

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Ila Parasnis. Cultural and Language Diversity and the Deaf Experience (1996). Cambridge University Press: Port Chester, NY. (306 pages).

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