Training Teachers: A Harvest of Theory and Practice

Margie Carter, Deb Curtis

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This book presents strategies and techniques for teacher training and adult learning. Section 1 provides an overview of the context for adult learning, suggesting the different ways of learning and knowing and theoretical considerations of developmental education. Section 2 lays out the landscape of a training practice built on the concept of constructivism and introduces a collection of tools to enhance teacher education. Sections 3 and 4 consider dispositions and roles for effective teaching and training for culturally sensitive and anti-bias practices. The next section provides practical examples of applying a developmental, inclusive approach to workshops, teacher training, and working in staff development as a program supervisor. Section 6 outlines how to use the project approach for teacher training on child-centered curriculum practices in the form of an ongoing college class or focused in-service training program on site. The final section discusses the invisible life of a trainer and all the behind-the-scenes things trainers need to be effective, including how to develop professional networks, where to find useful resources, and tips on how to stay organized while on the go. The end of the book includes a glossary, an annotated list of recommended resources, and appendices with forms and other training material. (Each chapter includes references.) 

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Margie Carter, Deb Curtis. Training Teachers: A Harvest of Theory and Practice (1994). Redleaf Press: St. Paul, MN. (274 pages).


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