Preschool Inclusion

Claire C. Cavallaro, Michele Haney

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This resource guide provides field-tested, research-based strategies for including young children with disabilities in early childhood programs. It is designed to help preservice and in-service educators, Head Start personnel, and child care providers with information to promote inclusion in children's earliest social and educational experiences. The introductory chapter provides background information on special education and a description of the philosophy and approach that guide the implementation of the CHIME model of inclusion of children with disabilities in early education programs. Chapter 2 discusses unique aspects of working with families in inclusive environments. In the third chapter, collaboration is discussed as one of the most important ingredients of successful inclusion. The remainder of the book provides guidelines and specific strategies, including assessment and observation; strategies for facilitating children's participation and social integration; daily activity planning to ensure that strategies are implemented consistently; strategies for supporting positive behavior (and prevention and dealing with difficult behaviors); and strategies for monitoring and evaluating children's progress. Case studies of four different children who were in the inclusion program at the CHIME institute are provided to illustrate inclusion strategies. Appendices include reproducible forms for assessment and planning and a list of resources. (Contains over 200 references.) 

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Claire C. Cavallaro, Michele Haney. Preschool Inclusion (1999). Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.: Baltimore, MD. (416 pages).

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Intended User Audience:

This book was designed to help teachers, assistants, and other staff members who work with children with disabilities in the general classroom, as well as parents who are seeking inclusive models for their own children. 

Product Development:

Preschool Inclusion was developed to facilitate the inclusion of children with a variety of disabilities, and from a variety of cultural and linguistic groups, in typical preschool programs. A special effort was made to include considerations of diversity in each section of the book, to assist teachers and other staff to develop an awareness about culturally responsive practices in general, rather than focusing on specific cultural or linguistic groups. 

Product Evaluation:

The material in the book was developed and field-tested over a 10-year period at the CHIME Institute for Children with Special Needs. More than 40 children with a variety of disabilities and from a variety of backgrounds participated in the programs. Family backgrounds included African American, Latino, Middle Eastern, Asian, and South African. 

Product Dissemination:

An estimated 1,500 to 2,000 copies have been sold. 

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