Caribbean Families: Diversity Among Ethnic Groups

Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, Janet Brown

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This volume explores the development and function of families in major Caribbean communities. Each of the chapters is self-contained, detailing studies which deal with family structures, and intellectual, social, and clinical problems, and their treatment. Some are intervention studies, while others are more of a description of current social-educational states. Specific chapters include: (1) "Overview Issues in Childhood Socialization in the Caribbean" (Hyacinth Evans and Rose Davies); (2) "Class, Race, and Gender Issues in Child Rearing in the Caribbean"(Elsa A. Leo-Rhynie); (3) "Family Socialization in an East Indian Village in Guyana: A Focus on Fathers" (Jaipaul L. Roopnarine and others); (4) "Caribbean Fatherhood: Underresearched, Misunderstood" (Janet Brown and others);(5) "The Idea of Childhood and Age of Sexual Maturity Among Indians in Trinidad: A Sociohistorical Scrutiny" (Patricia Mohammed); (6) "The Status of Child Care Supports for Jamaican Families" (Kerida Scott-McDonald); (7) "Raising Children with Disabilities in the Caribbean" (Marigold J. Thorburn); (8) "The Impact of Parent-Child Socialization on the Development of Conduct Disorder in Jamaican Male Adolescents" (Claudette Crawford-Brown); (9) "Child Shifting: A Survival Strategy for Teenage Mothers" (Pauline A. Russell-Brown); (10) "Issues of Reunification of Migrant West Indian Children in the United Kingdom" (Elaine Arnold);(11) "Mental Health Issues and Family Socialization in the Caribbean" (Jacqueline Sharpe); (12) "Clinical Practice With Caribbean Immigrant Families in the United States: The Intersection of Emigration, Immigration, Culture, and Race"(David A. Baptiste); and (13) "Toward Integration: Diverse Issues in Examining Caribbean Families" (Jaipaul L.Roopnarine). (Chapters include references.)

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Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, Janet Brown. Caribbean Families: Diversity Among Ethnic Groups (1997). Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.: Westport, CT. (326 pages).

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