The Power of Observation

Judy R. Jablon, Amy Laura Dombro, Margo L. Dichtelmiller

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This text explores the vital connection between observing and effective teaching. Following an introductory chapter, Chapter 2 describes the power of observation as a way to get to know, respect, and appreciate children. Chapter 3 discusses what educators can bring to their role as observers and how this self-awareness can be as objective as possible. In chapters 4 and 5, guidelines for effective observation are discussed, a close look is taken at the day-today decisions made while observing, and practical suggestions for observing are provided. Chapter 6 highlights how to use what is learned from observing to foster each child's competence and success, and as a result, to create and maintain a high-quality program for children and families. Finally, in Chapter 7, strategies for getting started are offered. Answers to frequently asked questions about observation are also provided. Throughout the book, examples are provided to illustrate how observation helps teachers and caregivers become more effective in the child care center, preschool, family child care home, or elementary school classroom. An annotated resource list contains 12 references.) 

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Judy R. Jablon, Amy Laura Dombro, Margo L. Dichtelmiller. The Power of Observation (1999). Teaching Strategies, Inc.: Washington, DC. (134 pages).

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