Big as Life: The Everyday Inclusive Curriculum (Vol. 2)

Stacey York

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This book offers a curriculum that integrates multicultural and anti-bias education and fosters the development of children ages 4 through 8, with equal emphasis on self-identity, cognitive, language, physical, creative, emotional, and social development. Part 1 contains the following nine curriculum units: animals, community, foods, friends, heroes and sheroes, money, senses, and work. Each unit contains a section entitled "Teaching Through the Interest Areas," which suggests materials to add to each interest area to support the curriculum unit. The areas are presented alphabetically: art, blocks, dramatic play, literacy, manipulatives, music, science, and sensory. "Investigating the Theme" the largest section of each unit, contains activity ideas to support cognitive, creative, emotional, social, and language development. "Affirming Ourselves and One Another" contains activities that focus on cultural identity, diversity, bias and stereotypes, human rights, social action, and community service. The last section, "Opening the Door", includes suggestions to support parent involvement, parent education, classroom visitors, and field trips. At the end of each unit, a list of commercial resources that support the unit is included. Part 2 describes the nine steps for designing a transformative curriculum to enable teachers to develop additional curriculum units. An extensive resources and references section is included, along with appendices that include worksheets and planning forms. 

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Stacey York. Big as Life: The Everyday Inclusive Curriculum (Vol. 2) (1998). Redleaf Press: St. Paul, MN. (318 pages).


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Phone: (800) 423-8309
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Languages Available: English

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