Alaska Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

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Alaska Native educators have developed standards that schools and communities can use to examine the extent to which they are attending to the educational and cultural well-being of their students. These "cultural standards" are intended to complement Alaska state content and performance standards. Standards have been developed for five areas: students, educators, curriculum, schools, and communities. Culturally knowledgeable students are well grounded in community heritage and traditions and are able to build on their local cultural knowledge and skills to achieve personal success and an awareness of their place in the world. Culturally responsive educators incorporate local ways of knowing and teaching in their work, participate in community activities, foster complementary educational expectations between home and school, and recognize individual student potential. Cultural standards for curriculum address reinforcement of students' cultural integrity, recognition of cultural knowledge, use of the local language and cultural knowledge as a curriculum foundation, fostering diverse knowledge systems, and situating local knowledge and actions in a global context. Cultural standards for schools promote participation of Elders in schooling, multiple forms of access to learning and assessment, opportunities to learn in or about heritage languages, indigenous professional staff, inviting and accessible facilities, and school-community interaction. Cultural standards for communities outline forms of community support for local cultural traditions, the heritage language, cultural education, families, teachers, and the school. Performance indicators are given for each standard. Uses of the cultural standards are suggested in the preface. 

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Alaska Native Knowledge Network. Alaska Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools (1998). University of Alaska Fairbanks: Fairbanks, AK. (24 pages).


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