Follow Through: A Bridge to the Future

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory [SDEL]

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This publication presents approaches to early childhood education conceived in universities and other educational institutions and implemented in schools under the Follow Through Program, a school improvement effort offering low-income children comprehensive educational and social services. The following papers are provided: "Foreword: A Bridge for All To Cross Over"; "Catching the Spirit of an Era: A Glance Back at Follow Through's Beginnings"; "Reaching Home: Follow Through's Cultural Linguistic Approach Builds a Legacy of Inner City Family Empowerment"; "Classic Piagetian Theory: The University of Georgia at Athens Maps Developmental Courses of Learning"; "The SEDL (Southwest Educational Development Lab) Language Development Approach: Strengthening the Language of the Child"; "As Boulder's Education Seismograph, INREAL (Inter-Reactive Learning) Combines Proven Practices for Bilingual/Bicultural Success"; "Direct Instruction Model Pragmatics Strengthen the Teacher-Learner Bond with Every Step"; "The Interdependent Learning Model: Teaching "IRI's (Illinois Renewal Institute's) Cooperative Learning Model/Project Extend Converts the 'Me' Classrooms of Today into the 'We' Classrooms of Tomorrow"; "High/Scope: Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning"; "Adaptive Learning Environments Model Adjusts the School to the Child and the Training to the Teacher"; "The Effective Schools Approach: Building Blocks to the Future--One Child at a Time"; "COGNET (Cognitive Enrichment Network): Mediating the Learning Network"; "Bank Street's Developmental-Interaction Approach: Fostering Respect for Each Child's Potential"; "The TEEM Fit: Tucson Early Education Model Individualizes Children's Learning"; "The Washington Research Institute School Effectiveness Follow Through Model: Research-Based Classroom Practices for Effective Teaching"; "The Environment as Textbook: Creative Curriculum Follow Through Model Promotes Active Learning and Supportive Classroom Settings to Nurture Children"; "Follow Through Model Key Features" (in tabular form); and "Effectiveness: Follow Through's Bottom Line." Included are a 60-item annotated bibliography of selected reading material and a folder of 15 brief descriptions of Follow Through models. 

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Southwest Educational Development Laboratory [SDEL]. Follow Through: A Bridge to the Future (1992). Southwest Educational Development Laboratory [SEDL]: Springfield, VA. (104 pages).

Sponsoring Agency: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Compensatory Education Programs

Language: English

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